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Other useful information and websites

LifeLine 13 11 14– online crisis chat

Kids help – web counselling for children and teens

Headspace – online or phone support for young people in need

Sane Australia – Information, support, forums and research into Mental Health

Hearing Voices Network – A great resource for voice hearers and their families. They offer training and support groups and individual counselling to voice hearers

Centrelink - As a carer you may be eligible for carers payment or carers allowance.

Carer card - As a carer you can access a carer card. A collaboration between the State Government, businesses, and the community, the Carer Card Program gives recognition, understanding, and support to Victorian carers. If you are not receiving a Centrelink caring payment you will need a medical professional to verify you are in a caring role.

Carers Australia

Carers Victoria

Carer Gateway - Emotional, practical and finacial support for carers

Mind Australia - Mind offers a range of specialised psychosocial support services and therapies to help you gain better mental health and improve the quality of your life.

Eating Disorders Families Australia – Support and Information for families and carers of people experiencing eating disorders.

“Nominated Person” – Information about being a nominated person in relation to the Mental Health Act 2014 including relevent forms. Will open another site in a new window. - click here-

Carers Recognition Act click for PDF

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