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Are you currently caring for somebody who suffers from any of the following?

Depression Anxiety
Eating Disorder Schizophrenia
Bipolar Disorder Substance Abuse
Attention Deficit Disorder Panic Disorder
Agoraphobia Conduct Disorder
Personality Disorder Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Psychotic Disorders Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

P.S. My Family Matters offers support to carers of individuals with a mental illness. We operate monthly coffee for carers in the Macedon Ranges that provide and opportunity to debrief and realise you are not alone, as we can help with education and strategies to assist you to cope in the difficult time.


PS My Family Matters was founded by Gisborne mothers, Tamara Wilson and Louise Hunter, in 2014. PS [Parents and Siblings] My Family Matters aims to provide support to family members and carers of those living with a mental illness, within the Macedon Ranges and Sunbury.

Numerous interactions with health professionals operating in the field, the experiences of other carers and a review of the service availability to those seeking assistance, led Tamara and Louise to a belief that there was not enough support nor resources for the families and carers of those with a mental disability, particularly in regional areas like the Macedon Ranges.


To ensure parents/carers and siblings living with a family member with mental illness are supported through direct access to relevant local information and linking to appropriate support services in their local community.

Facilitating a network of peers for mutual support in an environment of understanding and respect.

Assisting with practical support for families in crisis by educating local businesses and community support networks of the opportunities to assist.


PSMFM is committed to an approach that is –


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