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About us....

PS My Family Matters (PS) was started in 2014 by two mums from the Macedon Ranges, caring for family members with a mental illness.

They had experienced the loneliness and unrelenting mental load of caring for a loved one.  Caring for them took up so much of their time, that they had no time to look after themselves and, as a result, their personal, social and professional lives suffered.  

So, they started PS and found that they could support other carers, but also get support themselves.

Ten years on, PS is a registered health promotion charity and supports families across the Macedon Ranges and Sunbury areas and is looking at expanding into other areas across Victoria.


The success of PS lies in its 'one size does not fit all' approach.  PS works with carers and asks them 'How can we help?'.  Sometimes this is simple and involves paying for a cleaner, or a massage.  Often, this is intensive support and advocacy to get a range of supports in place such as NDIS, My Aged Care, Centrelink, housing and support regarding domestic and family violence.

Because anyone in the community can become a carer at anytime, we want carers to be seen and supported within their local community.  Therefore we work in partnership with community organisations like neighbourhood and community houses and centres, so that carers are linked in with people in their local community - who may be carers, or they may be people with whom the carer shares common interests.

We want carers to feel like they are in control of their lives and their future.  We want them to reclaim their power, so they can pursue their own individual aspirations and provide care for the person/s they love.


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